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Double your money over and over again!

"Discover the Quick and Easy Way to Drive Massive Amounts of Targeted Traffic to Your Site Today and Double Your Money Fast... Guaranteed!"


Benefit from the ARSP (Advertisement Revenue Sharing Pool) program by, Pro Level Traffic Exchange and proven online marketing tool.

Get started for only $19.97!
Get a free website like this and start raking in the cash!

($19.97 includes the signup fee of $5 and your first ARSP credit package)

Here's how it works: When advertising credits are sold to 123Clicks members, the funds are paid into the ARSP (Advertisement Revenue Sharing Pool). From there, the commissions are paid out to our members.

There will be THOUSANDS OF WINNERS and ZERO LOSERS! There is no guarantee on how long it will take to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY, but because the demand for advertising credits among 123Clicks members is ALWAYS high - we sell hundreds of thousands of credits per day- you WILL double your money.

Currently it takes 167 days to double your money. With current interest rates it will take decades to double your money in a savings account - so which do YOU think is the best deal? Not to mention the profits from advertising your business opportunity to our PAID ONLY pro click exchange members and our highly responsive opt-in email marketing list of over 6 million business opportunity seekers.

Every advertising credits purchase is put into a revenue sharing pool in the form of a straight-line matrix. EVERYONE who buys after you lands UNDER YOU in the matrix. When you buy credits, your money is returned to you DOUBLED in each cycle. When the people above you cycle and they make another credits purchase, they become your Downline!

What is a cycle? It's the time it takes for your name to move from the bottom of this fast-moving company matrix to the top, which is when you get paid! After you place your order, you can find your name on this company matix list and watch your position move up quickly!

No One Gets Left Behind! Everybody Gets Paid! No Sponsoring Required!

There is NO SPONSORING Required to receive commissions! All you have to do is purchase credits, and you will be placed in our Straight Line Matrix for FREE!

Everyone who makes a purchase after you will be placed under you. In a matter of weeks you will be pushed to the top of the Matrix where you will cycle and DOUBLE Your Money!

Here's how to get started:

  1. Join ProfitRally. This will give you your own free version of this page and a lot of other benefits and free tools. Click here to sign up.
  2. Join 123Clicks
    The membership is a low one time fee of $19.97 and already includes your first ARSP share, worth $15.
    For this you will become a member of a Pro Level Traffic Exchange Program and gain acces to the ARSP program. You can also choose one of the upgraded memberships for additional benefits.
  3. In your ProfitRally member area enter your 123Clicks ID in the "Traffic Exchanges" section under "Manage Referral IDs".

As you can see, 4 simple steps is all it takes to double your money over and over again.

This is already working for thousands of people, in fact they have paid out:

$983,040.00 in commissions since Since May 03, 2004!

Currently every order cycles after 167 days, so you can double your money almost 3 times a year

If you have any questions feel free to cantact me any time at

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