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Get a downline of 2500 in as little as a week


traffic syndicate 25 will reward active users with a free downline of up to 2500 members.
This translates to 1000s of credits you can use towards your advertising.

Your FREE ProfitRally membership will help you build a downline in TS25 fast!
(and in a whole list of other programs at the same time)

Here's TS25 is about:

  • As a free member you are entered into the Main Syndicate Pool. The top performers (active surfing, referring) are placed into 1 of 100 Syndicates in the Syndicate Downline.
  • Upgraded members are entered into a Syndicate right away, bypassing the Pool altogether.
  • Depending on your performance you can have up to 2500 people below you earning a percentage of all their activities, translating into 10s of thousands of advertising credits.
  • In ts25 you can network with other member of your direct downline sdl team.
  • A member can start the new week with a high personal value in the rankings because all the sponsoring bonuses are added right at midnight of the new week. You get 250 credits for each Gold referral and 500 credits for each Platinum referral EVERY WEEK.

See below for a movie explaining the TS25 system:

TS25 Presentation
  1. Join TS25, membership is free!
  2. Join ProfitRally. This will give you your own free version of this page and a lot of other benefits and free tools.
  3. In your ProfitRally member area enter your TS25 referral ID in the "Manage Referral IDs" section.

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